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  • What type of clients do you typically see?
    The more accurate question is "What kind of clients do you enjoy seeing?" My most delightful clients are generous, humbled, and open to exploration. They cover the full spectrum of age, race, and gender and lifestyle. They follow directions well and are genuinely interested in improving their self awareness, discipline, and skills during our time together. Our time is sacred, intentional, and builds a special connection between us with each new experience. Those that come to me with this in mind feed my soul in many ways.
  • How should I address You?
    Sir, or Mxstress. Other honorifics are earned with dedication and service.
  • How can I book an experience with you?
    The easiest way to request a booking is to go to the booking section of this website. HERE Please note that "NO BOUNDARIES/HARD LIMITS" is not an acceptable answer for any question. Boundaries are healthy and important to create a proper experience. Think hard.
  • How much is an experience with you?
    My sessions average $350/hr for the 1st hour. $300/hr for sessions 3+ hours There may be additional fees for specialized scenes. I will communicate this during the booking process so you are aware. There is a minimum 2 hour time requirement for most experiences, so be aware before applying. The time requirement can be higher or lower depending upon the specific activities that we agree to engage in. Please note that some activities require set up/break down of equipment, or setup/breakdown of scene that I will require to engage in safely. My prices are non-negotiable, and based upon my skill level in the particular experiences I provide. If you feel the need to haggle, your application will be declined and you will be asked to not submit another application ever again. Please scroll down to learn about my sliding scale for QTBIPOC and SW’ers.
  • I don't see what I'm curious about exploring on your About Me page, what do I do?"
    Ask! I might be into it too! My website includes my specifically listed delights and specialties, however my interests are not limited to what you see there.
  • I'm not into Bondage but I want your company, can I spend time with you?"
    Craving to be in the presence of a strong, beautiful and intelligent person is completely acceptable. You might be into Power exchange or other dynamic based play which is an aspect of BDSM! I do offer Domination sessions without bondage and in a more casual environment where you can enjoy my bubbly personality, take pleasure in the envious looks you get with me on your arm in public, learn about my worldly interests, go shopping at local boutiques (on your card), and enjoy the sensual delights of good food, conversation and luxury. Of course, all while catering to your Master's desires and obeying her every command throughout the day. You can request Dinner and Domination on your application in the Book an Experience tab on my website.
  • What are your preferred payment methods?
    My preferred payment methods for deposits are via the major payment apps and can be discussed upon a successful application submission. If you would like to offer a tip, or gift, you can view my wishlists and other preferences in the GIFT section of my page. I will never accept gift cards as payment for sessions.
  • When are you available?
    I require a minimum of 48 hours booking notice. I prefer 1 week in order to provide space and time to develop my scenes. Unless otherwise noted, I am available most evenings after 7pm until 1am with advanced booking. Weekends vary, so please ask. I do not allow same day booking for first time clients. Returning premium clients have their own booking criteria and password. My minimum session time is 2 hours, but I prefer 3+ hours as this allows us both to have a deep connection, and satisfying experience.
  • What is your deposit and cancellation policy?
    -All advance deposits will be collected via my preferred payment methods. This is non-negotiable. Booking deposits are between $100-200 depending on location, length of time, and activity. This also counts towards your total experience cost this is non refundable. This is due at the time of booking. Your appointment will not be considered as confirmed until this deposit is paid. For sessions 3 hours or longer %50 of the total amount will be due in advance of your appointment. This is to ensure your attendance. This amount will be non refundable if you cancel less than 12hrs before your schedule appointment time. The remaining amount is due in full at the beginning of your scheduled appointment time. This should go without saying.....but I'm saying it anyways just to be clear. Cancellation policy: All deposits outlined above are to ensure buy-in from both parties. 24 hrs notice means you can use your non-refundable deposit towards a reschedule. 12 hrs or less notice and your deposit is forfeit, you will have to pay a new deposit to book again.
  • I don't have any references, what should I do?"
    No references may require an additional interview period and an increased deposit amount. If you are completely new and have nowhere to begin, I will always perform my minimum screening and you will be expected to supply any and all information needed. Note: this is to assure my safety as well as your own. This is not unusual or unreasonable. This information is not held after verification, in order to assure the confidentiality of your information.
  • Where can I meet you? Do you do outcalls?
    I provide experiences at a number of dungeon spaces primarily in Oakland and San Francisco. The deposit for these sessions is included in your quoted price. I do provide outcalls via 4 and 5 star hotels, booked by me, at your expense. Please note that specific experiences will require equipment that is only available in dungeon spaces. My preference for space is always the default. Outcalls to other areas outside the San Francisco, Bay Area are subject to additional fees for travel and accomidation. Additional advanced booking time is required. -Please sign up for my mailing list for more information on travel dates to book your session in advance when I am in your area.
  • Do you see clients that aren't white cis men? How about other Professionals?
    YES PLEASE! Seeking the services of a professional should not be limited or exclusive to cis white men. I want to extend a special welcome to female, femme, non-binary, queer, transgender people. I am a bi-racial, Black and Mexican American queer femme, and I strive to create a safer space for BIPOC folx who want to explore their edge desires through kink experiences (Please join my mailing list for updates on the BIPOC groups that I host in the Bay Area). I also welcome couples experiences. I have special pricing for QTBIPOC and Professionals who would like to book with me. The session price should not be a barrier to your exploration. Please note you are interested in learning more about this special pricing when you submit your application.
  • Can I apply for an experience with you and another Dominatrix?
    Yes. If you have someone in mind, or if you would like to book with one of my known colleagues, I am open to that. This is of course subject to both of our availability, synergy, and location. This will require additional coordination between Dominants, so please keep in mind that extra booking time may be required for this type of experience.
  • I'm a Professional and would like to double with you, or have you provide a specific skill/service for my session. How should I contact you?"
    I'm flattered that you'd like to employ a specific skill that you've heard about! Please feel free to message me directly from any of your SWer accounts, or at I am open to discussing what your clients and service needs are as well as providing them with a flat fee in addition to your fees. My most requested skilled service is my rope bondage and rope suspension.
  • What should I expect at an experience with you?
    From me: For any visit you can expect 1. Alluring, yet space appropriate attire.(I dress for the space we will be in, I will not draw attention from the public unless specifically requested.) 2. None to light makeup (red/black lipstick upon request) 3. Specific requests encouraged, I love latex, leather, heels, corsets, and sexy librarian attire. 4. Have a specific fantasy in mind? measurements for custom items available in the GIFTS section. From you: 1. I have always practiced R.A.C.K. Risk Aware Consensual Kink. My experience as an educator informs the need to supply my subs with the information they need to make informed decisions with me. I am aware that you may want to please me by saying yes to everything. I will always try my best to ensure that you are informed in your YES and empowered by your NO. 2. Every facility that I book has bathroom and showers available. If you wish to use these facilities before or after your session please let me know in advance so that I can plan appropriately. This is counted towards your experience time so keep that in mind. 3. I expect you to arrive scent free, clean and prepped for your experience as we previously discuss. If there is preparation needed on your part in order to perform a specific item I will notify you before your scheduled appointment time. If you do not follow directions you will be directed to follow them at your appointment in order to move forward. Additional time will not be alotted for your lack of preparation. 4. There will be a brief check in, we will review our previous negotiation and I will check in about your state of mind/body. You will have an opportunity to decline anything you have previously requested before we proceed. 5. Payment of your outstanding balance will be due upon entry to the space. My preference is cash, in an unsealed envelope. Any gifts that you wish to present to me can be presented at this time. 6. There will be a follow up survey by email that you are free to submit annonymously. I appreciate any and all constructive feedback. Bitchin and complaining will be ignored.
  • I would like to learn from you, what do you teach? Do you manage events?"
    In addition to my professional work I am also a kink educator, and event producer. I teach rope bondage lessons for individuals and couples both through a local Oakland rope studio as well as private sessions. I can also teach other particular specialties as well, simply ask about something you are interested in and I will give an honest answer. I regularly host free and paid events, discussions and parties for kink community members and you can often find this information by signing up for my mailing list as well as following me on my social media platforms. If you would like to book me as an event producer/host, a performer, or a private education session please feel free to reach out with the particulars at Please note that education sessions are not experiences. and will not be treated as such. if you want an experience, apply appropriately. The same applies for event producing, hosting, and performing. Please respect the space and time you are requesting.
  • How do you ensure our safety during our time together?
    I have always practiced R.A.C.K. Risk Aware Consensual Kink. My experience as an educator informs the need to supply my subs with the information they need to make informed decisions with me. I am aware that you may want to please me by saying yes to everything. I will always try my best to ensure that you are informed in your YES and empowered by your NO. Your consent is as yummy as F.R.I.E.S. to me: Freely given, without pressure, force, manipulation, or while drunk or high. Reversible, you can change you mind about what you want to do, at any time. Even if you’ve done it before or are in the middle of a session. Informed, I will try my best to give you information about risks, and expect you to also inform yourself of the risks of activities you want to particpate in. Enthusiastic! Your enthusiasm feeds me. Specific. Our application and interview process is imperitive to draw the boundaries of what is allowed and not allowed during our time together. COVID PROTOCOLS -I continue to wear a mask regularly, and test weekly as long as appointments are available -Prior to any appointment I will take a rapid test. -I will require that you also take a rapid test, shortly before, or at your appointment. -If you would feel more comfortable wearing masks during your appointment, that is OK!
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