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Gifts and Other Tributes

Giving feels fantastic and for there to be a Giver, there must be a Receiver, so allowing yourself to receive is an act of love. -Rebecca O’Dwyer


Catch My Eye

Treat me, Tip Me, Gift Me

Below you will find information about all the ways in which you can provide luxury, comfort, and fun for me. 

Giving to a Goddess is the simplest form of tribute to our divine power.

I enjoy thoughtful, non self serving gifts, especially from bespoke QTBIPOC, LGBTQA+ supporting businesses as well as a number of high end retailers, and sometimes the occasional practical gift from other stores.

When receiving gifts I prefer that they are done with care and consideration to my particular tastes, that you place real thought behind why you wish to give me a certain item.

My culture dictates that gifts be treated with veneration and maintain a special connection between two people.

Therefore, I do not tolerate lazy gift giving.

View My Wish Lists

My ever changing lists of whims and desires

Note that each list is different




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I prefer to be notified if a gift is coming. Be sure to include your name.

If you are unsure of sizing, check below.

If you are unsure if a gift can be delivered to me, you can message me with the company and a description. I will check for you.

Favorite Color: Emerald Green, Black, Gold, Wine. Jeweled tones match wonderfully with my olive skin.

I prefer Gold jewelry over silver, but sterling silver is acceptable

Classic Lines for formal wear.
Flowy and light for casual wear
Comfort and decadence at all times is key.

Citrus scents, warm spicy scents, woodsy heady scents. I do not like sweet scents.
I do not wear perfume.

I enjoy all books but I prefer to be asked what I'm currently reading.

Tribute Cash

Cash tributes for expenses, trips, services, or just because.

Follow me on social media for opportunities to give spontaneously.

Listed in order of my preference for payment methods.

Important: Please only list mundane references in any payment app comments you can include your name. Be aware of any transaction fees and cover them.




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Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect opportunity to provide funds for larger more expensive items I desire, or to give me the flexibility of choosing what I would like depending on the season.

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Sizing Information:
Shoe: US9 EU39-40
Bra: 34DDD
Panties Large
Glove: 7
Stocking L
Neck 13.5in/34cm
Crown (around forehead) 21.5in/54.5cm
Wrist 6.25in/16cm
Ankle 9in/23cm
Ring: 6.5
Dress: US10 UK14
Bust(True size) 38in/96.5cm
Waist(True size) 30in/76cm
Hip(True size) 43in/109cm

For any other specific sizing information needed, please message me

To ensure a perfect fit, please be sure to include an exchange receipt for all clothing

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