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About Mx. Ivy

Mx. Ivy Limieux

Fetish Fantasy Specialist

I am Mx. Ivy Limieux. You may call me Sir, or Mxstress.

I am the one you seek.

your Guide, your Muse, your Master.

Speak to me your submissive dedication.

Present to me your curved back, feel the presence of your strong and careful Domme. Under my care and attention, you are sculpted.

Expose to me your bare weak flesh, so that I may mold you under my strict and exacting hand.

You will leave your vulnerability, your doubt, your weakness on the floor of my dungeon as your Master breaks you down, then builds you in her image. 

Our time together is sacred, the connections we form a gift. Your endurance, service, submission, and dedication to the journey we have embarked upon together prove your worthiness to be at the feet of a Goddess.









I welcome all who are willing to take the leap!

My approach to BDSM, kink, and fetish has always been that of an artist, creating a masterpiece. Each moment is to be cherished, provide myself and my submissives moments of grace, and soul shifting, thought provoking emotion.


That is to say that every move, every decision, every glance, should be venerated. Treated as a note in a symphony that is the experience of


People from all walks of life contact me for my specific skills and abilities. My specialties in rope bondage, sadistic predicaments, brat taming, and sensation play (both overload and deprivation), draw people looking to explore themselves through my guidance.

Men are enamored by my intense gaze, by curvaceous body, and terrifyingly arousing laughter.

Women are pulled in by my confidence, soft touch, deft movements, and my siblings in the LGBTQIA+ community find safe haven and understanding in my affirming approach to scene building.

I delight in:

Rope bondage and suspension

Whip and impact play

Smothering/ breath play


Latex and leather worship

Wax play

CBT and chastity

Golden showers

Body worship

Body part fetishization


Sensual domination

Domination dates and dinner

Human furniture/objectification


Strap ons

Pet training

Chastity (long and short term)

Sensory deprivation and overload

Scent Play

Orifice violation

Tease and Denial

Subtle public D/s and power exchange

Military and high protocol

While this is not an exhaustive list of my specific skills, they are the ones I delight the most in. If you are curious and interested in exploring something else, please do mention it in your application.  The only way to find out is to ask.

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