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About Mx. Ivy

Mx. Ivy Limieux

Fetish Fantasy Specialist

I am Mx. Ivy Limieux, your guide on a journey of transformation. For those seeking growth beyond the boundaries of their current selves, I provide a safe space to surrender, submit, and be remade. 


I have had the privilege of shaping souls through dominance and discipline in the deep rich well of the San Francisco Bay Area. As your Dominatrix, I demand your full submission and dedication, pushing you to endure challenges that strengthen your character. Through ecstatic experiences of pleasure and pain within my dungeon, long-held restrictions fall away and new possibilities emerge. 


To those who present themselves in service, I offer meticulous attention and exacting guidance. I mold you with a firm yet caring hand, breaking down walls to sculpt the masterpiece within. When we are done, you will walk from my lair enlightened, empowered, and filled with gratitude for this sacred exchange that changed the very fabric of who you are. 

If you're ready to confront your fears, face your shadows, and walk a new path illuminated by pleasure, contact me. I await those worthy of transformation at the feet of a Goddess.

Latex clad dominatrix in dramatic dark lighting







Latex clad dominatrix in dramatic dark lighting

I delight in:

Rope bondage and suspension

Whip and impact play

Smothering/ breath play


Latex and leather worship

Wax play

CBT and chastity

Golden showers

Gender affirmation play

Pre/post-op celebration experiences

Body worship

Body part fetishization


Dinner and Domination

Human furniture/objectification


Pet training

Chastity (long and short term)

Sensory deprivation and overload

Scent Play

Tease and Denial

Power exchange

Military and high protocol

While this is not an exhaustive list of my specific skills, they are the ones I delight the most in. If you are curious and interested in exploring something else, please do mention it in your application.  The only way to find out is to ask.

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